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{September 3, 2012}   The Blood Bond Tour–Interview and Giveaway with Heather Hildenbrand (and her characters)

I’m really excited to say that Heather Hildenbrand’s characters from the Dirty Blood Series, Wes and Alex, were able to stop by the blog today and give us a little insight concerning what they think about each other… and boy is it interesting!  Check it out below:

Wes says: Okay, here’s the thing. I’m gonna’ say some stuff about Alex. I mean, I have a strong opinion on this subject, and I’m not gonna lie about it today, even though I try to hold back as much as I can when Tara’s around. Hell, even when she’s not around I hold back. But the thing is he saved her life. Twice. Damn … twice. I forgot about that second time. You know, with those rogue wolves when she was supposedly meeting Miles so he could make her his hybrid concubine? *rolls eyes* Don’t get me started on that asinine plan. This is Tara we’re talking about. Have you met her? If there’s danger, she’ll find it. If there isn’t, she’ll create it just so she can jump into it.

So, Alex. He saved her. Twice. And I can’t discount that, much as I want to. I bite my tongue a lot. Nod and smile, you know? Because aside from saving her ass, there’s the fact that she cares about him. God knows why. He’s horrible for her. Always letting her rush into dangerous situations, never putting her safety first. He’s careless. Even if he saved her, there’s the fact that he let it get to the point where she needed saving. He should’ve been more careful.

As for his feelings for her, I don’t know. He probably thinks he loves her, but he’s a kid. Sure he’s only a year younger than me but he’s still a kid as far as I’m concerned. He’s never led anything. And he’s not worthy of Tara. It’s my own fault, really. You think I don’t know that? I left her alone at that school. I should’ve been there, but I had responsibilities back home. To Jack. To Fee. To all of them. Still, I should’ve been there. I can see that now, can see where I screwed it up. If I could go back … well, I can’t. I can only keep trying to make it right.

If she were to choose him? *runs hand through hair* I know the right answer would be to let him have her, to bow out gracefully and all that mess, but if we’re being honest—and I promised I would be—if she chose him … I’d kill him in his sleep. And I wouldn’t feel bad about it later.

I love Tara Godfrey. *growls* She’s mine.


 Alex says: You want to know what I think of Wesley St. John, huh? I think if it weren’t for a certain brown-eyed girl we could be friends. *smirks* Not! I’d probably have killed him by now. *shrugs.* But that’s my job, nothing personal.

Now it’s personal, though. Because of her. Hell, why did she have to be so, so … amazing? I think it makes it worse she doesn’t even know it. *shakes head*

Right. Wes. We’re talking about him. You want my honest opinion? The guy’s insecure. He’s always trying to control her or tell her what to do. He’s scared to let her be her own person. Especially when it comes to anything remotely dangerous. Tara’s a tough girl. I should know. I trained with her every day at Wood Point, and she can handle herself better than he thinks. He doesn’t give her any credit for that stuff—or let her make her own decisions. If he would loosen up … well, hopefully, he doesn’t, because that would mean I have a shot. He’s risking everything by not backing her up, not letting her run her own life. I can see it in her. She’s not going to take much more of that. And when she’s had enough, I’ll be here … waiting.


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About Heather Hildenbrand:

Heather Hildenbrand was born and raised in a small town in northern Virginia where she was homeschooled through high school. She now lives in coastal VA, a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean, with her husband and two adorable children. She works from home, part time, as a property manager and when she’s not furiously pounding at the keyboard, or staring off into space whilst plotting a new story, she’s helping her husband with DIY projects in their home (he woodworks – she paints) or she’s lying on the beach, soaking in those delicious, pre-cancerous rays.

Heather loves Mexican food, hates socks with sandals, and if her house was on fire, the one thing she’d grab is her DVR player.

You can find out more about her and her books at

Or stalk her here:


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Heather is a co-founder of Accendo Press, a publishing group she operates with fellow authors: Angeline Kace and Jennifer Sommersby. Accendo (a-CH-endo), A Latin word, means “to kindle, illuminate, inflame, or set fire.” This is something Accendo strives to do inside a reader’s imagination with every title released. For a complete list of titles and author bios, visit


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