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{August 31, 2012}   {ARC Review} Indisputable Proof by Gary Williams and Vicky Knerly

IPFrom Goodreads: When the Sudarium of Oviedo—the venerable cloth that once covered Jesus Christ’s face on the cross—is stolen from a cathedral in Spain, it sparks a series of grisly murders. Each victim is killed in a manner resembling the form of execution of one of the Apostles.

Now, with five days until the Sudarium is to be displayed at the start of the Feast of the Cross, and with the blame of the theft pointed at the United States, CIA operative Samuel Tolen, Spanish inspector Pascal Diaz, and British archaeologist Dr. Jade Mollur embark on a journey to reclaim the Sudarium. Their search takes a surprising turn when a 2,000-year-old clue suggests a far greater secret is within reach, a startling discovery that would forever change humanity, but there are others after the treasure. A rogue group called “The True Sons of Light” are determined to destroy the archaeological evidence before they can reach it.

In a deadly race against time spanning four continents, Samuel Tolen’s search for the truth will uncover unspeakable deception…and the chance to answer mankind’s greatest question: Is there life after death?


The more I read by Williams and Knerly, the more I fall in love with their writing style, genre, characters, and most of all, their solid plotline.  It amazes me how seamlessly everything falls into place in their novels, especially in Indisputable Proof, and it’s obvious that Williams and Knerly put in a great deal of time and effort researching Biblical history while writing this amazing novel.  Not only are the authors historically accurate and able to work in even the smallest of historical details, but they also use historical accounts to their advantage, filling in holes with their own added imaginings that cause the reader to stop and wonder, “what if?”  It’s an age old mystery unfolding before the reader’s eyes, giving a different perspective based on recordings and findings of the past, and the way Williams and Knerly present their novel, pulling the reader into the story and causing them to question all they know, is amazing.

I really enjoyed the character of Samuel Tolen, who I first met in Williams’ and Knerly’s short story “Before the Proof,” and I’m ecstatic to note that he’s going to become a series character! Tolen is extremely bright and well rounded, and his pristine demeanor throughout the novel made him one of my favorite characters out of any Williams and Knerly have created so far.  His ingenuity and sheer willpower endeared him to my heart from the very beginning, and I really loved reading about his exploits.

One of the other things I love about Williams’ and Knerly’s characters is that most are not who or what they seem to be.  I found myself second-guessing many of the characters as I read Indisputable Proof, and I honestly couldn’t pinpoint the true antagonist until it was revealed within the novel.  And, in my opinion, any novel that is able to keep me second guessing all the characters is well worth the read, and let me say, Indisputable Proof is just that! Well.  Worth.  The. Read.

If you’ve enjoyed any of the Dan Brown’s books, or the movies The Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons, then you’ll love Indisputable Proof (and all Williams’ and Knerly’s other novels as well).

5 starsI received an ARC of this novel from the authors, prior to its release on September 4, in exchange for an honest review.

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