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{July 10, 2012}   {Review} Dead Angels by Tim O’Rourke (Kiera Hudson Series Two #2)

16253724From Goodreads: Fleeing Hallowed Manor and being hunted by the Skinwalkers, Kiera and her friends take shelter from a storm in a deserted railway station set in a remote valley. As they spend the night hiding from those who are hunting them, Isidor tells his friends a story about how he had come across the word PUSH some years before on his first journeys above ground.

But unknowingly, Isidor’s story will have devastating consequences for one of them.


Love, love, love this book!  Love this series!  Love Tim O’Rourke!  Love it all!  Seriously, if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon and begun reading books by O’Rourke, then you’re really missing out!

Book two in the amazing Kiera Hudson Series Two is another impeccable read, full of mystery and intrigue, love and passion, and this time we are given an intricate glimpse into the heart of Isidor, our brooding hero who has had enough of Potter’s taunts and believes he knows something about this new, Pushed world.  And he does… but what he knows will cost him dearly.

I adored Isidor’s point of view.  It’s the first time we’ve really been given the back-story of his life, and at this point, I feel like I know him personally.  While some will argue that this novel is very sad, and it does have its moments, in the end I know that O’Rourke is going to set everything straight and make it work, just like he has in the last few books, and I love it.  I was blown away by this novel, and I know I say that every time I read one of O’Rourke’s books, but it’s the honest truth.  O’Rourke amazes me; his work is spectacular, and his ability to crank out these fabulous books so quickly (eight in a year—AMAZING) floors me.  And so I sit, on pins and needles, for the next novel in this series, Dead Statues.  Five stars.


5 starsI purchased my copy of this novel from Amazon.

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