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{June 2, 2012}   Forever Changed Scavenger Hunt With Tiffany King!

Tiffany King is running an awesome giveaway scavenger hunt in preparation for the release of her newest novel, Forever Changed!  The rules are simple, everyday a blogger will post an excerpt from Forever Changed. In the text of the excerpt will be two highlighted letters. Collect all the letters to spell the secret phrase listed on Tiffany’s blog in order to be entered for the grand prize! 

The 3 grand prizes for the entire hop will be:

  • A pair of drumsticks with the book title engraved on them.
  • A sterling silver drumsticks charm (Part in the book).
  • And finally a signed copy of the book and the flowers that are on the cover.

You can also COMMENT ON THIS POST to be entered for a Kindle copy of Forever Changed as well as a silver drumsticks charm (winner will be chosen using The hop will run between June 1st – June 9th.

Here’s the excerpt:

I took my usual perch outside the auditorium, hoping today would finally be the day that she came walking by from the student parking lot. You would think after staking out this spot for the past three weeks, I would have been more prepared when she appeared. Instead, I nearly knocked myself out when I smacked my head on a tree branch trying to duck out of sight. My heart was suddenly racing, and I could feel the sweat beading on my now throbbing forehead. I couldn’t believe how good she looked, or how I couldn’t get this chick out of my mind. My friends would absolutely hammer me if they knew how I really felt about her. Like I was some kind of wuss the way I sneaked around just watching her.

I played it cool, keeping a safe distance between us as she made her way to her locker. I wish I had the guts to actually walk up to her and say something, but there was no way in hell that would happen, especially, after she became surrounded by Lacey and the others who passed her around from one hug to the next. Of course, that tool Colton was also there, wrapping her tightly in his arms. Seeing them made me feel like kind of a jerk for believing I might ever have a place in her life, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away as they strolled down the hall together.


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And the winner is… Taylor! Congrats! Tiffany is emailing you now. Thanks to all who entered, and if you haven’t done so yet, enter for the grand prize!!!!!

Love the excerpt! I think it’s really difficult to write books about grief so well done Tiffany! :)

Haley ferguson says:

I love this author and can’t wait for this book :)

Awww thanks guys!!! I’m excited to see what all of you think about the book :)

Artemis says:

Great excerpt! Thank you for the giveaway and tour.

Love this post, the excerpt and Tiffany! :) Can’t wait to read this book!

Taylor says:

This is an awsome way to introduce a book, and it so fun! Tiffany is an awsome writter, I’ve read heaps of her books, and I can’t wait to read this one! :)

Lindaah says:

love tiffany king!

Love Love Love these blog tours n Love me some Tiffany n can’t wit fer ‘Forever Changed’ xoxo

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