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{April 28, 2012}   {Review} Bloody Little Secrets by Karly Kirkpatrick

From Goodreads: 17-year-old Vicky Hernandez has a big problem. She’s dead. Or not quite. After discovering she’s been turned into a vampire, she tries to settle into a quiet suburb of Chicago and return to a normal life.

If only she could stop wanting to bite her boyfriend. Not to mention she is dying to find out who turned her, and why. She doesn’t have to wait long before they come to her.


Bloody Little Secrets is a different type of vampire novel.  No sparkles, no vegetarians… real life vampires that can’t go about in the daylight, that use their glamour more often than not, and that yearn for blood.  But Vicky is a little different.  She doesn’t know who made her.  She doesn’t know why she can walk in the daylight.  She doesn’t mean to kill people.  All she knows is that the vampires hunting her are not the type of people she wants to get to know better, sending her on a journey to stay hidden and safe, while also finding her niche and fitting in with society.   But her creator will stop at nothing to get ahold of her blood and walk in the light, as she does.

I really enjoyed this novel.  Kirkpatrick is a phenomenal writer, and he characters are divine.  I absolutely adored Drake; he’s a very dreamy guy, and his treatment of Vicky, both before and after he knew what she was, makes him a keeper.  The whole novel was  very captivating and not sugar coated.  Vicky craves blood; she kills people—but not in the vicious man eating type of way that “evil” vampires like to kill people—it’s a necessity and an accident, but it’s more believable than a vampire who only eats animals, if you catch my drift.  Overall, this is a great read with a fast-paced story line and I highly recommend it to all.  Four stars.

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


This has been on my TBR forever it seems so Im glad that this was a positive review now Im anixous to read it now!

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