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{April 5, 2012}   {Review} Erekos by A.M. Tuomala

From Goodreads: Her sister swore that she would never let her die; now the entire world may pay the price. In a land where gods walk beside men and witches defy death, war changes everything. Scholar and warrior, witch and king, priestess and corpse-all must come together to save their world from the ravages of the coming tempest.


Opening with the creation of a zombie and the eventual kidnapping of the main character, Achane, readers will easily be drawn into this unique story.  Tuomala paints very vivid pictures for her readers and the journey across Erekos is a beautiful one, honing in on many scenic descriptions that will cause the reader to feel as if they’re physically within the pages of the story.  This is a very descriptive novel, and Tuomala’s ability to capture life so beautifully is a testament to her writing abilities, but due to the vast descriptions, readers must be patient as the story unfolds.  It’s not a fast paced action novel, though Erekos does tell a story of love and war, and how good intentions can have dire repercussions. 

Told in segments that jump from situation to situation, whisking the reader across Erekos and back again, Tuomala weaves a world in which witchcraft, gods, scholars, warriors, and priestess’ all have a role, and though I wouldn’t say this is a jovial read by any means, it really makes the reader think, and ends on a contented note.  It’s hard to say who would most enjoy this novel, but I’d recommend this for readers who like amazing descriptions and a slower paced read, with seemingly disconnected events that are all brought together in the end.  Three stars.

I received a copy of this novel from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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