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{April 2, 2012}   {Review} The Savage Vengeance by Tamara Rose Blodgett (Savage #4)

Book 4From Goodreads: The degradation of Queen Clara’s sphere continues without apparent end. She must ask for assistance from the neighboring Kingdom of Kentucky to combat the demise of their way of life. However, the alliance isn’t as strong without the promise of marriage, which in the past stood to unite the spheres.

Tensions run high, the ruination of additional spheres an imminent threat, causing strife and conflict. When Clara is seen as a pawn in a greater scheme and change of leadership, the Travelers interfere in an unforeseen way.

When two different groups of Travelers’ objectives collide, a cataclysmic event ends in a scenario of unprecedented upheaval and resolution. Can Clara and the Band save the sphere and in so doing the people of the future? Will Clara find the peace and love she deserves?


I really love the Savage series.  Blodgett has created an alternate universe with characters so enticing and a plotline so unique that it’s impossible to put these books down.  The Savage Vengeance, the latest in this riveting series, picks up with Clara and the Band as they decide to travel to the Kingdom of Kentucky to ask for assistance, the kingdom from which Clara suffered much abuse at the hands of Prince Frederick.  Though Frederick is no longer a threat, Kentucky still holds much trepidation for Queen Clara, and rightfully so.  Blodgett expertly  sweeps directly into the action from there, and the already dire situation goes from bad to worse as events quickly unfold and Clara finds herself once again taken from her people and facing the atrocities of the fragment.

The suspense of this series is amazing.  Without fail, Blodgett makes readers’ heart jump into their throats on multiple occasions as the battles between the fragment and the Band ensue.  With a ratio of around 15 males to 1 female, the fragment find their livelihood through the kidnapping and trade of females, and the Band work to solely protect all women.  Clashing on multiple occasions, blood is shed and both people of the fragment and the Band are hurt, but perhaps the most interesting part of this entire novel is the interweaving of series as Blodgett unites her characters from the beloved Death series into that of the Savage series.  Using Caleb Hart and his friends to help explain more of the background of Clara’s world, the spheres, the different species within the strange world, and how it all fits into the genetic mutations of the teenagers in the Death series is ingenious!

I really loved having two of Blodgett’s series come together in this way; it’s completely unique and the interlacing of stories was extremely interesting and well done.  Having read both series, I had no problems following the young travelers’ storyline as they “dropped” into the sphere world, and though I don’t believe one needs to read the Death series in order to understand their appearance in this novel, I still highly recommend it because it will help shed some light on their inner personalities (plus, it’s an amazing series!). Overall, I really loved this book.  Five stars.

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Heather says:

I’ve loved all 4 books – I would consider this one of the first true fantasy series I’ve ever read. I have to admit that by not having read the Death Series, I was confused by these people that suddenly showed up – and they were written as though I should be familiar with their mannerisms, which I was obviously not. Aside from that, I’ve absolutely loved the whole series!

Oh, you’ve got to read the Death series!!! I started with Death, so had no issues when the characters arrived in Savage world, but I can see where it might be different for someone who isn’t familiar with them. Seriously, if you loved Savage, then you’ll love Death!

Colleen says:

Great book, great series. I love Tamara and all of her books!

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