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{March 18, 2012}   {Review} The Black Pear by Alan Porter

From Goodreads: This was the New Beginning. Away from the memories, away from the past.

But sometimes the past comes back…

What is the secret of the old Black Pear tree that taps on Emily’s window when no one else is around?

And why did Alice, a long-forgotten resident of the house, leave a simple silver necklace twined among its branches?

Emily and her family moved to Orchard Grange to escape the memories of the past.

Unfortunately, Orchard Grange has some terrifying memories of its own…


I was initially drawn to this novel due to the cover.  Though simplistic in nature, it is extremely creepy, in my opinion, and the synopsis presents an interesting enough storyline that my curiosity was piqued.  I started reading this novel late at night, but due to the intensely creepy scenarios Porter develops, I had to put it down and finish it in the daylight.  Though less creepy when I was able to see everything around me, Porter has written an attention-grabbing ghost story involving multiple generations and apparitions. When Emily first arrives at Orchard Grove, she is haunted by the events of her past, events that plunged her family into turmoil.  The fact that Porter is slow to release the details of Emily’s past adds to the overall suspense of the novel as the reader attempts to put it all together, both past and present, in order to make sense of all Emily is going through.  Though some of the events in the novel don’t necessarily seem to fit, Porter does a good job tying everything together and disclosing just enough information to keep the reader sufficiently interested. 

The ending is, of course, like many tales that have come before it, making The Black Pear a bit anticlimactic.  I was hoping for something a little more dramatic and a little less cliché, yet it’s still a well-written piece overall.  And, while I would have liked some more depth to the characters, especially Emily, Porter’s characters still have the allure that makes this an intriguing read. Three and a half stars.


This novel was free on Amazon at the time it was purchased.


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