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{February 15, 2012}   {Review} The Enforcers by Joshua Grover-David Patterson (Blood Calling #3)–Releasing Today

From Goodreads: In almost no time at all, Lucy Leary has managed to become one of the most high-profile vampires in history. The problem is, she has angered the Enforcers, a vigilante group of vampires who consider it their job to keep vamps out of the public eye.

The Enforcers will stop at nothing to find her, even if it means leaving a trail of fire and corpses in their wake.

Now, Lucy and her companions must choose whether to run, fight, or surrender. But first, they need to determine the consequences of their actions for themselves, and the world.


The final book in Patterson’s Blood Calling Series, The Enforcers offers an action packed, riveting story to readers, as well as the perfect closure to this amazing trilogy.  Patterson’s novel brings back the beloved characters of Lucy, Wash, and Emma, as they fight not only to clear their names, but also for justice against the Enforcers, a group of rogue vampires who take it upon themselves to wipe out any and all vampires who threaten to reveal their way of life.  Bring into the mix a human now on the Enforcers’ radar due to helping his vampire friends move during the daylight, an angry “baby” vampire wanting nothing more than to go home to her parents, and a police investigation hot on their tails with the Enforcers closing in from the other side, and you’ve got an amazing adventure.  Patterson expertly weaves his tale, explaining the intricacies of not only the characters and their dilemmas, but also the mysterious Enforcers. 

Up until now, the Enforcers have always been a serious threat, but Lucy, the protagonist, didn’t always understand exactly how dire their situation really was.  As the story unfolds, and the reader learns more about the Enforcers bloody beginnings and Emma’s close brush with death at their hands, it becomes clear that the Enforcers will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who stands in their way, and if that means killing an entire township of humans in their quest, so be it. 

I loved the presentation of the Enforcers, the group that should represent good, a policing force for the underground vampires, but they’re anything but that.  The Enforcers’ heartlessness and self-preservation is the perfect foil for Lucy and her friends as she attempts to do the right thing, but how far will she and her friends go to protect themselves and everyone they love?  Caught between the desire to live in safety and the need to protect the innocent, Lucy, Wash, and everyone else must make some extremely difficult choices, and not everyone will walk away unscathed, making this an intense, but wonderful read. 

I was surprised by the conclusion of the novel, yet it works perfectly with the series and, though a clean ending, leaves room for more if Patterson ever decides to continue the series, which I hope he does.  The Blood Calling series an enthralling series, and it’s come so far since the very first book.  I think this is the best book of the series yet.  Five stars.

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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