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{February 15, 2012}   {Review} An Emerald Tale: Five Knights and The Evil Sorcerer’s Wrath by Christopher Corbell

From Goodreads: “Once upon a time, there was a castle with huge arches and tall golden towers that reached high above the cobble stone walkways toward the open blue sky. In this peaceful land lived the king’s best man Neil with a legend to tell of more than five hundred years.

Followed by the brave and pushed forward by the arms of future peace for all in his kingdom, he carried the mighty torch of peace for all.

Far to the edge of the Green Sea was the west end of the Mystic Mountains. This was believed to be a different land. There lived the one who commands the shadows of darkness, evil sorcery, and the never-ending quest for chaos. Once loved by many yet misled by the temptations of power and greed, he felt deep into the jaws of evil and the forces of pain, corruption, and decay. This dark sorcerer was not just a villain but a powerful warden of the wicked and the face of death to the pure. Argon was his name, and he was now the emperor of his own sinister world!”


I am sorry to say that this novella isn’t for me.  While I think the idea of the storyline and the ensuing adventure is interesting, there were a few too many discrepancies for me to enjoy it.  One of the issues I had with the novella is that it jumped around a lot, interrupting the natural flow of the story, while also creating excessive repetition as the same ideas were rehashed throughout the segments.  Along the same lines, the overabundant use of exclamation marks made it difficult for me to read as the extensive usage took away from the novella; hence, I found myself focusing more so on the punctuation than the actual storyline.  I felt like every sentence needed to be read with gusto, but it didn’t fit the lines within the story on many an occasion, and so I found myself hung up on this minute point.

While the timeline of the novel is not necessarily clear, it seems like this story should take place in the distant past, yet the dialogue and even the names are what I consider to be much too modern for it to make it real.  I do enjoy fantasy, but I am always looking for validity within the pages, and I unfortunately didn’t find it in this novella.  I’m not sure if this created the reason for my lackluster response to the multiple characters within the novella as well, but I also found that they didn’t really  interest me.  All in all, I felt like this novella was telling more than showing, and so I wasn’t drawn into the story as much as I had hoped.  This novella is probably best suited for a younger MG aged child as they will be able to focus on the story at hand and less on the other elements within the novella.  Unfortunately, it just wasn’t for me.  One and a half stars.

I received a copy of this novella from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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