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{February 13, 2012}   {Review} Lost in Plain Sight by Marta Perry (Amish Suspense #1.5)

From Goodreads: Leah Miller’s peaceful life as a member of the Spring Township Amish church shatters when she’s accused of theft from an Englisch home in which she works. Even if she is not charged, if the crime is never solved, she will live under the taint of the theft and may never be able to participate fully in her Amish community. Josiah King, friend of Leah’s brother, is drawn into helping Leah—and discovers the ‘little sister’ he’d always tolerated has grown into a strong, appealing woman.

But what future can they have together if suspicion makes Leah an outcast? As they attempt to learn the facts behind the accusation, danger grows around them. It’s only through their trust in each other and the support of a faithful Englisch friend that Leah and Josiah can find their way through a tangled, dangerous maze to the truth.


I’ve always been interested in the Amish, and Perry gives us an in-depth look into the Amish lifestyle through her fantastic novels, while also adding mystery and intrigue.  This is a very quick, compelling story concerning Leah as she’s accused of stealing a very expensive ring from one of the women she works for.  It’s an intense novella and I really enjoyed the authenticity Perry provides through her research of the Amish lifestyle.  While not a murder mystery like the other novels in the Amish Suspense series, this is a wonderful “who-done-it,” casting doubt on multiple characters, including Leah.

Perry is a very talented writer and her story is so compelling that I was draw into it from the very first page.  Having read Vanish in Plain Sight, and now this novel, it is obvious that I need to read more of Perry’s work, as she is a fantastic author.  Four stars.


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