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{January 22, 2012}   Are Your Books Safe From The Goodreads Switch?

I logged on to Goodreads today (my favorite book site of all time), and as I was perusing some of the books I’ve recently read in order to begin writing their reviews, I came across a startling notice about one of the books I just finished:

“This edition is in danger of being removed from Goodreads. Will you rescue it? learn more”

So, of course I wanted to learn more because I had no idea what was happening.  This is what I learned, word for word, from Goodreads:

“Dear ABookVacation,

At Goodreads, we make it a priority to use book information from the most reliable and open data sources, because it helps us build the best experience for our members. To that end, we’re making a major change.

On January 30, Goodreads will no longer display book information that comes from Amazon.

This includes data such as titles, author names, page counts, and publication dates. For the vast majority of book editions, we have imported this data from other sources. Those few remaining editions for which we haven’t found an alternative source of information will be removed from Goodreads.

Your data is safe.

Your ratings, reviews, and bookshelves are safe, but your data may be moved to a different edition of the book. If we can’t find a matching edition, then your review will be attached to a book with no title or author.

Luckily, you can help us find alternate sources for book editions.

Here’s what to do:

  1. If you have a physical or ebook copy of this book, go get it. It will make finding information much easier.
  2. If you don’t have a physical copy of this book, the best place to grab the information is from the publisher or author’s website, but any trustworthy independent website that isn’t a bookseller will suffice. (Library sites, public wikis, isbndb, etc)

    Check author’s website
    Search for this book
    (opens in a new window)
  3. IMPORTANT: Do not use Amazon’s information to rescue books.”

So, my question is, what happened?  What is causing Goodreads to make this switch?  In all honesty, I wouldn’t really care all that much except for the section that states, “If we can’t find a matching edition, then your review will be attached to a book with no title or author.”  Well… that wouldn’t be helpful to anyone because it wouldn’t tell the reader what book was being reviewed, or who wrote it.  As a book blogger, I foresee that as being a bit problematic, especially since I can’t see every single book this effects without clicking on them all individually.  With over 800 books in my files, I just don’t have the time.  What am I to do now?

And, if you’re an author, what does that mean for you?  I highly suggest logging on to the site and checking your books if you are an author; it would be terrible if your book just disappeared on January 30th, 2012.

So, my next question is, are your books safe from the Goodreads switch?


Thanks to many of my readers, I think I have been pointed in the right direction as to why this is happening… check out my post HERE


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I review a lot of self published authors on my blog. I had read this post a couple of days ago and when I went to post a review of a self published author today on goodreads I could not locate his book. But I did find it on Amazon. I messaged him letting him know where the reviews were being posted and he responded that not only had goodreads deleated some of his books (not all of them) they deleated his whole account and all of his own reviews he had posted on books he himself had read and reviewed.
I am hoping that this is just one curious incident and that this is not going to be a wide spread thing. I would hope that because a certain book or two that the information from sources may be “unreliable” but to actually delete a person’s whole account seems a little bit overstepping this situation.
This prompted me to come back here and comment about this. I can understand goodreads wanting to take a stance about certain things, details, books etc but I would think that deleting an authors whole account is a little bit drastic.
Again I am hoping this was a once time incident, but I guess we can only keep watching and see what happens.

A new thread in the Librarians Group states that Amazon is forcing Goodreads to make this switch. Amazon originally gave the deadline on January 30. Interesting:

mercury205 says:

Reblogged this on Boredom and words of nothingness and commented:
I have yet to experience this but I know that one of my friend’s books is published through Amazon so I wonder if her book is going to be taken off….

I hope not! Let her know about it so she can manually fix it if needed!

Amazon changed their TOS for the use of their API (which is where Goodreads gets the data that populates many of the book listings on their site). If you are interested in more detail, there is a long thread about it in the Goodreads librarians group, which any member can join. Hope that helps!

Great to know! Thank you so much!!!

1001nightspress says:

Oh good lord. So… what do we do about books that are only available on Amazon? We can’t have them on Goodreads?? I checked one of my books in this situation, and its cover image is gone. I’m the publisher… I wonder if there’s some way I can upload the photo there? I don’t have a Goodreads account under my publisher name, though, only under my person name. ::sigh::

I hear you! I just came across some new information; not sure if it will help you or not:

I haven’t heard any thing about this thanks for the heads up! I hate when sites do things like this:(

I think, at this time, only the librarians have access to this data. I just came across some new info about the switch which makes me feel a lot better, but still a tad bit worried…

This is so odd. There’s bound to be a reason, but what is it?

Some readers pointed me to a forum on Goodreads about it. I’ve posted my newest finding here: I hope that helps explain it a bit more, though not all my fears have been assuaged…

Thanks for letting me know about this. Talk about horrible, probably because amazon bought shelfari I’m guessing anyway

OMG, wow! Thanks so much for this post. Now I need to check all my books (that I wrote)!!

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