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{January 8, 2012}   {Review} Dr. Prometheus by Guido Henkel (Jason Dark-Ghost Hunter #5)

From Goodreads: After the passage of the Anatomy Act, surgeons have access to legally obtained corpses. Yet a few individuals persist in making their illicit living from grave-robbing. And what exactly is the research of the mysterious Dr. Prometheus, who purchases these dead bodies? Could it have any connection to the wild stories regarding re-animated corpses shuffling about in some of the seedier areas of London? When Scotland Yard’s finest are baffled, Jason Dark is called in to investigate, not realizing the dangers that lie in wait even for a seasoned investigator of the occult.


Constable Lestrade is brought back again in this fifth novella by Henkel, and the situation is just a profound as ever.  Henkel combines gothic elements from the Frankenstein era as well as elements from Sherlock Holmes in this well written story about Dr. Prometheus and his evil intents.  I really enjoyed this combination of elements as Henkel alludes to the characters of history as well as within other exceptional novels.

A new character also comes on the scene in this novel, a young man named Herbert, who joins the characters Jason Dark and Siu Lin as they battle against evil to save mankind from the devil himself.  Although the plotline of this novel isn’t as original as I hoped it to be, it is still extremely well written and worth the read.  Three stars.

I received a copy of this novella from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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