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{December 29, 2011}   {Review} Wolf House by Tim O’Rourke (Kiera Hudson Series #4.5)

From Goodreads: As Potter leaves Kiera and his friends to go in search of Luke, he makes a lonely journey across the snow-capped mountains of Cumbria. Haunted by the death of Murphy, the capture of Luke and the love that he feels for Kiera, Potter reflects on his past life and the disturbing events that took place at the Wolf House.

He remembers his first encounter with the werewolves, how he had to save Murphy and Luke, and capture the serial killer who was murdering the children from the town of Little Hope.


Wolf House is an in-between novella that gives us a glimpse into Potter’s past while also connecting it to events within Vampire Breed.  Told from Potter’s point of view, readers are swept away into Potter’s mind as he broods over the past, giving us an in-depth look into his personality and how he came to be the way he is today.  This story was a real treat, and the many twists and turns within the novella kept me turning the pages from start to finish.  O’Rourke is a master storyteller, gripping the reader through his masterful prose and intense storyline.  I was highly impressed with the ending of this novella, and was reminded of O’Rourke’s psychological Black Hill Farm series.  O’Rourke certainly knows how to deliver twists that the reader never sees coming and that will leave him/her reeling for days on end.  Five stars.

I received a copy of this novella from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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