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{December 10, 2011}   {Review} Tales From Frewyn: The Opera by Michelle Franklin

From Goodreads: When due homage is paid to the heroes of Frewyn, what could possibly go wrong?

The Frewyn Players at the Royal Theatre in Diras are looking for new material to perform when a famous director from Marridon arrives to impart a Marridon theatrical pastime that is certain to make them famous. An opera will be their new performance, one that glorifies Frewyn’s greatest heroes, but what begins as homage ends as mockery, and the play that would make them the greatest exhibition in Frewyn might instead make them the Den Asaan’s most merited enemy.


Franklin has, once again, written a lovely novelette concerning her beloved characters, the Commander and the Den Asaan.  This is an especially cute story and I loved that the cover of the novel actually shows up in the story itself!  I think this is ingenious; the cover is described in detail within the story itself, and being able to physically see what the characters are talking about, in color, allows the reader to really connect and become a part of the story!  Not only that, but it also adds to the mayhem as the Den Asaan and the Commander gear up to watch an inaccurate portrayal of themselves on stage.  This is a hilarious tale involving our beloved characters and, though I feel it’s easier to understand having read The Commander and the Den Assan, this is a standalone novelette that anyone can read, though I recommend it for mature audiences. Four stars.

I received a copy of this novelette in exchange for an honest review.


Sophia Rose says:

Such a fun read and glad to see it get a good review!

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