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{December 6, 2011}   {Cover Reveal} Six Moon Summer and All Hallows’ Moon by S.M. Reine

The scavenger hunt for the Six Moon Summer puzzle pieces has come to a close.


Entrants in this scavenger hunt had to find both of the puzzle pieces, located somewhere on my blog, and correctly identify them.  They were then entered to win the mini prize pack that S.M. Reine is giving away: lip gloss, a wristband (with adorable werewolf paw prints on it), and a Seasons of the Moon bookmark. 

But, before we reveal the winner of the mini prize pack, I think revealing the new covers of Six Moon Summer and All Hallows’ Moon is in order: 




And the winner of the mini prize pack is…

you’ll find out tomorrow. 


.Ambur. says:

Well, I totally wrote that comment thinking I was an S.M Reine’s blog…sorry about that. ;) …it’s the end of the semester and time for finals, so I’m a bit scatter-brained. haha Thanks for sharing! :D

.Ambur. says:

Oooh! They’re gorgeous, Sara! I love that Riley’s blond on these covers, too. The original covers you had were gorgeous, too, but these ones are even more amazing! I also love the wolf paired with the girl, an dhow Six Moon Summer shows the mountains and All Hallows’ Moon shows the fall and leaves…that’s how I knew which piece each cover was from. ;)

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