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{November 12, 2011}   {Review} Night of the Tower by Jason Beineke

From Goodreads: For the young boy, Ali, growing up in Iram, the City of Pillars, one of the most important cities on the Incense Route, life is filled with both wonder and pain. His mother died when he was a babe, protecting him from the ravages of a desert haboob. His brother, Hassan, has been his guardian and guide during his childhood. Saad, his best friend, has been his fellow when it comes to getting into trouble.

Now, this one night will bring about an incredible miracle as the legendary Tower rises from the depths of Iram’s oasis and opens its gates, spilling wonders and treasures. The tower comes only once a century and all the people of the known world anxiously await its arrival.

It is said that wishes might well come true on the Night of the Tower. What is never said is that horrors may be born from the heights of the tower as well. Chasing his elder brother, Hassan, into the tower, Ali and his friend, Saad, climb to heights they were never meant to see and uncover things they were never meant to know.


This short story has a very interesting concept. Once every hundred years, the Tower ascends, bringing with it riches and wealth… as well as horrors that none have seen and lived to talk about.  This story, while starting off like any typical story, quickly becomes anything but as Beineke releases the horrors of the Tower upon the reader.   

While I enjoyed the story overall, I do have to admit that I didn’t really care for the sexual aspects within it.  I’m a little old fashioned; I know.  And, while the story is not completely filled with erotic images and the like, there is some substantial sexual activity, in my opinion, which I wasn’t banking on when I picked up the story.  It does, of course, go hand in hand with the creep factor the story produces, and while there are many other horrific things going on in the story, I think, for me, the fact that Saad and Ali see these relations was the most unsettling part of it all.  However, by the end of the story it becomes obvious that the Tower needs these types of things to happen in order to thrive, though I can’t say anything more in that regard without giving anything away. 

This is a really unique story in and of itself, and I recommend it for the older crowds looking for quick, creepy story.  It will definitely make you think about it long after it’s over.  Three stars.

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