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{November 4, 2011}   Something Is a Little Off About You Kid–Guest Post with Angela Kulig–Author of Skeleton Lake

Something Is a Little Off About You Kid by Angela Kulig

I’d like to say, I had a nice normal childhood. I’d also like to say I didn’t eat ice cream for breakfast this morning, but in both cases I’d be lying. By all accounts the years I spent growing up should have been unusually ordinary; I had two parents and a bratty little sister. I caused very little trouble, outside of my own head anyway.

In high school I wore a copious amount of black clothing and severe looking footwear, but I didn’t do drugs just write bad poetry. Instead of staying out all night like a rebel without a cause, I joined the threatre and stalked through then night for the sake of culture.

So what exactly went wrong? How do you go from practically boring to the glow in the dark Skeletons of Skeleton Lake? Remember that part about the all black clothing? Well, it was before that actually.

In the summer before sixth grade I decided to write my first novel. I had read almost every classic I could get my hand on by that point, and I felt overdue. My first book, It Sounds Like Thunder, an EPIC literary piece about the Vietnam war through the eyes of a child; sounds like an award winner, but trust me it was entirely dreadful.

I mean, do you remember how slow the internet was back in the day? It’s even worse than when the idiot next to you is eating up the free wifi at Starbucks with their youtube videos. So needless to say all of my “research” was done using primarily The Encyclopedia Britannica–which my parents bought for me at the tender age of three and half.

Maybe I shouldn’t be explaining to you why I am the way that I am, maybe you should just meet my parents.

Anyway my point is, how many sixth graders do you know that write literary fiction? Epic or otherwise? It was about that time in my life that people started to say, “There’s something a little off about you kid.”

But of course, I knew that already.


Wow that’s amazing that you were writing at such a young age. I wish I had a creative mind, but since I don’t, I read what people with creative minds write. :)

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