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{October 17, 2011}   {Review} Across the Galaxy by Heather Hildenbrand

From Goodreads: Most teenage girls have teenaged problems, like what to wear to prom and did I remember to shave my legs before gym? Seventeen year old Alina has all those problems, and a whole lot more. The list does tend to get longer when you’re an alien. An alien empress, to be exact.

Number one on Alina’s problem list is her desire to fit in and feel accepted, without having to hide any part of her true self; something she’s never quite been able to do on Earth. Also on that list are the Shadows, a race of dark and ugly monsters that attacked her home planet ten years ago, killing her parents, and still search for her now, to wipe out the last survivor of the royal family.

A moonlit walk in the forest changes everything. She is discovered, by more than one being from her galaxy, and has to run for her life with a Shadow close on her trail. Her new protector – a talking wolf – whisks her to the safety of his planet, to regroup and maybe figure out a way to destroy the shadows. Unfortunately, Alina soon finds she’s only traded one danger for another.


Originally, I thought this book was going to be like I Am Number Four, but it’s not.  It’s better.  Hildenbrand has created a great novel for all ages, and I was captivated from the very beginning.  It is obvious that a lot of time and energy went into creating this novel, and it flows so perfectly that it’s impossible to put down.

I really liked the character of Alina; I highly enjoyed watching her come into herself, finally able to make friends and fully discover her potential as the empress of her galaxy.  She is a well-rounded character with a wonderful disposition, and I feel like I’ve made a friend through her.  Likewise, Ander is to die for.  He is a beautiful character, and the romance between Alina and Ander was fascinating to watch.  Though at times I feared the worst for the budding couple, Hildenbrand did right by me in the end, though that’s as much as I’ll say about that… 

I really enjoy novels that create separate worlds and galaxies, showing the creativity of the author, and here Hildenbrand has done just that in Across the Galaxy.  Her descriptions and explanations are vivid and entrancing; part of me wants to move to Alina’s world and leave my world far behind… all in all, this is a wonderful novel, and I highly recommend it to all readers.  Four stars.


Great review! I had read and reviewed this book also. I really enjoyed it and love Heather as an author. Have you read her book, Dirty Blood yet?

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