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{October 10, 2011}   {Review} Tales from Frewyn: The Reporter From Marridon by Michelle Franklin

From Goodreads: A reporter from Marridon, the advanced and allied nation to the north of Frewyn, is dispatched to Diras to meet with the famous Commander and Den Asaan, heroes and saviors of the Two Continents. It would seem to be a simple task, to ask a few questions of the strange woman and giant, but when the reporter slights the king’s personal guard, he finds that getting a story to print may be harder than previously conceived.


This is a really well done short story.  Franklin is a master at creating new worlds with wonderful characters, and this short story is just a small depiction of how fabulous a writer Franklin really is.  Branching off from the bigger stories and novels about the Commander and Den Asaan, such as The Commander and the Den Asaan Rautu and Tales from Frewyn, Franklin occasionally creates stand alone stories entailing the epic characters from within her 21 book series, this short story being one of them.

I really enjoyed this story and found myself chuckling as I read along.  Knowing the personality of both the Commander and Den Asaan from previous stories, I could easily imagine them within my minds eyes, toying with the egotistical reporter from Marridon.  Franklin even creates great themes in this short work, and the reader can’t help but smile as it all comes to a head in the conclusion.  If you’re looking for a short read, I definitely recommend checking this short story out (and of course, reading the actual novels as well!).  Five stars! 

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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