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{September 29, 2011}   {Review} Angel Handbook: Rules and Regulations for a Modern Celestial Being by Rachelle Jespers

From Goodreads:  When Selena is first given the Angel Handbook, she has every intention of sticking to the rules. Then the Council of Archangels sends her on a special assignment to help a high school cheerleader, and she realizes that the rules are actually getting in the way. Especially since Ashley’s snobby group of friends, tyrannical math teacher and crazy stepmother seem to be working against her.

Thankfully Selena has a notorious rule-breaker for a best friend, and with Hermes’ advice, she comes up with a sure-fire way to help Ashley change her life. She is going to get her to fall in love. But Selena playing Cupid has an unexpected consequence. She ends up falling in love herself.

Having a boyfriend is definitely going against the rules, and so Selena must decide…

Does she follow the Angel Handbook or does she follow her heart?


I am absolutely, 100 percent, head over heels, in love with this book!  Jespers has created a true gem, a novel so interesting and captivating that I stayed up all night reading it, foregoing sleep in order to complete this beautiful novel.  I was able to get 86 percent of the way through before my Kindle decided to run out of batteries, but thank God for my Droid and the Kindle App!  I finished the book in one sitting and really want to go back and read it all over again; it’s that good!

Have you ever read a novel in which you can’t help but talk aloud to the characters?  To yell at them, to offer advice, to laugh with, or cry… that’s what happened to me as I read.  Selena is an amazing character and Jespers has written her, and all the character for that matter, in such a way that the reader can actually feel their emotions.  The tension is so palpable, the characters so defined, that I literally talked to them the entire novel.  I love that Jespers has created such venomous characters, such as Fran, and I became tense and loathsome of them to the point that I had some disturbing thoughts about them, such as Fran being hit by a bus… or something…  It’s very rare for me to connect with a story on such a deep level that I actually hate, or love, a character to a point that I feel so strongly for, or against, them, and I believe this is a testament to Jesper’s sheer writing abilities!  She is magnificent, and a writer to watch.  I will definitely be reading more of her work, especially as Angel Handbook is only the first installment in the series, and it left me hanging in the worst way.  And Hermes?  *Swoon*

This is a wonderful novel for all ages and I highly recommend it to all.  Five stars. 

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.




thetravelingreader says:

Books with illustrations as covers always get my attention. Most especially now after you reviewed it. Thanks for getting my wish list to become longer..hehehe :D

You are most welcome! I truly LOVED this book!

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