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{September 27, 2011}   {Review} Pirates of Aden by Daniel Rasic

From Goodreads: The Pirates of Aden is the debut novel by Canadian author Daniel Rasic. Released in 2011, it follows Paul Alban, a physician and CIA covert operative working in Somalia. Following the hijacking of a cargo ship, an injured Somali pirate is brought to his clinic for treatment. However, when the hijacking is connected to Paul, his true identity is revealed and he becomes implicated in a dangerous web of terrorism.


I was pleasantly surprised by how gripping this novel ended up being!  Initially, I was afraid I might not be captivated, but that fear was overridden fairly quickly as I began reading Rasic’s riveting novel.  The storyline itself pulled me in, jumping from character to character and explaining the many different events, leading up to the ultimate finale and connection between them all.  I found it fascinating and, quite honestly, a little scary.  Rasic presents his fictional novel in such a way that the reader can’t help but wonder if any aspects of it might be real.  Yet, the fact that events in this novel could happen made it all the more enthralling.

I loved the characters, even the evil ones, and Rasic has done a superb job making them realistic.  The fact that I was kept guessing the entire novel just adds to my love for it, as it’s not only a mystery, who done it type novel, but also an action adventure novel as well.  Overall, this is an amazing novel.  And I do mean amazing.  Five stars.

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.




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