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{September 23, 2011}   {Review} The Gutenberg Rubric by Nathan Everett

From Goodreads:  Just months before the famous Bible that bears his name was finished, Johannes Gutenberg was sued by his business partner for misappropriating funds for a private enterprise. When Gutenberg refused to share the secret project, the court awarded the entire Bible-printing operation to Johan Fust, leaving Gutenberg with nothing but his secret. Was it an alchemical formula? A heretical treatise? A new technology? Or something far more dangerous? Why would Gutenberg risk everything? Brilliant, eccentric professor Keith Drucker and rare books librarian Madeline Zayne are reluctant heroes in a centuries-old search for Gutenberg’s secret. Crossing continents to follow clues from an encoded rubric and stolen manuscript, the couple face injury and encounter arcane rituals and biblio-terrorism as they race to find the fabled treasure. But once they find it, will they survive to tell the world?


This is a great read!  I really enjoyed it, and I would love to see this novel made into a movie. It is very well written, intertwining history, alchemy, and fiction in order to make a beautiful novel of mystery and intrigue.  I was glued to the pages from the very beginning, and it is quite obvious that Everett has poured much love and care into this novel, diligently researching the history of ink, the printing press, and Gutenberg in order to create a roller coaster ride of a novel for his readers. 

I was very impressed with the natural flow of the novel and Everett’s ability to captivate the reader through his interesting characters and enticing plotline.  Both Keith and Madeline are very memorable characters, stealing the reader’s heart before the novel really begins.  Lovers, they set the stage for romance in this psychological thriller as they battle against an unknown foe, set on destroying the libraries Keith and Madeline frequent, as they attempt to uncover the Gutenberg secret.  Fans of Dan Brown (author of The Da Vinci Code, should definitely pick up this novel!  Four stars! 

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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