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{September 18, 2011}   Giveaway of The Chick Friends Rules! Freshman Year by Vici Howard–CLOSED

Vici Howard is offering a giveaway of ONE Paperback (USA) and ONE eBook (International) of her debut novel, The Chick Friends Rules! Freshman Year!


Rule #1: Treat her like one of the guys.

Rule #2: Don’t think of your chick friend when you…you know.

Rule #3: Don’t fall in love with her.

Fifteen-year old Grant Lee is a “cool kid” who is popular with the girls and adheres to a strict code of the “chick friends hierarchy.” There are girls a guy thinks about when he’s in his bedroom alone and there are girls a guy farts around. Grant is friends with Marta, the latter in the chick friends hierarchy. She is an intriguing but slightly overweight Latina with a story of her own. Grant is faced with an embarrassing dilemma; he has a secret crush on Marta but is ashamed to tell his friends because she’s the “fat girl.” If his secret gets out it could be social suicide for Grant. So he goes out of his way to conceal his feelings for her by making a series of bad choices and by engaging in risky behavior. When he gets the courage to tell her his true feelings, she mysteriously vanishes. 

Check out Howard’s website for more information about the book:

All you have to do to win is enter your name and email, but there are extra entry options if you’re interested!



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