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{September 1, 2011}   Releasing Today: Death Speaks by Tamara Rose Blodgett (Death Series Book 2)

From Goodreads: Caleb’s in high school now and thinks the chaos of last year is behind him. Unfortunately, a serial killer is on the loose and children are his victims. Caleb agrees to help the police apprehend the murderer…until the killer takes notice of Caleb and his paranormal friends.

Carson and Brett remain the bullies they always were and their posse continues to grow. How long can the two groups stay out of each others’ way before there’s a firestorm of retribution…

The Government Graysheets continue to keep tabs on Caleb’s every move while Jade’s family threatens their relationship. Can they still be together even when events threaten to tear them apart?


Blodgett is an amazing writer. I have had the pleasure of reading three of her novels, and I’ve enjoyed every single one of them, but I really think Death Speaks takes the cake. Not only is the cover absolutely amazing, but the story line itself is so original and intriguing that it glues the reader to the pages from the very first line. I fell in love with the characters in Death Whispers, and Blodgett intensifies that love in this sequel, adding some spicy relationships, a chilling murder investigation, and laugh out loud situations and dialogue.

Death Speaks continues the story of Caleb, a male protagonist, and the story flows through his eyes. I really enjoy this point of view and focus on male characters, which I haven’t really seen in much of the current YA literature, especially coming from a female author. Blodgett knows how the young male mind works; her characters’ actions and dialogue are just like what I observe in the classroom on a daily basis, making this paranormal novel all the more real. That being said, curse words are used fairly regularly throughout the novel, usually just out of earshot of an adult (just like in real life), but not always, and what I truly love is that the adults are always on point when it comes to language and corrections of the young teens struggling to come into themselves.

This novel is very reader friendly and I believe both the young and old will enjoy this story. Five stars.



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