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{August 31, 2011}   {Review} The Vampire Way by Derek Clendening

From Goodreads: Eighteen year old Rick Thompson is a marked man. When Damien Masonite comes to his school, he knows something is up. And when his friends start falling to vampire attacks, he knows that he and his girlfriend Laura are next. The quest to understand immortality, true love and undying friendship compromise his safety even more. Can he keep his best friends, his true love and keep his mortal life?


Clendening has created a very interesting novel for young adult readers in love with vampires.  With an extremely captivating prologue, the reader is pulled into the story as Damien Masonite, a vicious vampire, is introduced.  From there, the story begins its focus on Rick Thompson and his friends, jumping from scene to scene between the many characters within the story.  I have to admit that these transitions were a little difficult for me to follow, especially as there were a vast array of characters to keep track of as I read. 

When reading novels, I need a lot of background information and structure to set the story up in my mind.   Without it, I struggle to make the connections I need to make.  I’ve always been like this, and that’s why, even though I’m an English teacher, I don’t always like all the classics I teach.  Some things work for me, and some things don’t, and excessive background knowledge and characterization are a must for me.  Yet, though I struggled some with character details and timeframe, I think that the story itself is an intriguing idea and that many will enjoy this fast paced read, especially as we all have different styles and tastes when it comes to books.  Unfortunately for me, this novel just isn’t my forte.  One star. 

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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