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{August 15, 2011}   Releasing Today: The Werewolf Solution, by Joshua Grover-David Patterson

From Goodreads:  In a world where werewolves have revealed their existence, a werewolf must track down the werewolf who killed his father before the killer can get to his son.


Patterson has created an intriguing tale about a world in which werewolves have announced their presence, created their own council, and live side-by-side their human counterparts.  Although “accepted” by the world in which he lives, Ted Grave, a psychologist for young weres, find himself utterly alone—ignored by the council, divorced by his wife, unable to see his son, he is utterly dejected.  Yet, not all is what it seems among the were community, and everything Ted has ever known is about to be jeopardized by an unknown enemy.

I highly enjoyed this new take on werewolves living among humans—Patterson’s characters are real and their struggles are palpable; it’s as if the reader is inside the story themselves, working with Ted to solve the mystery and save the were world.  An amazing writer, Patterson captivates his readers from the very first page as The Werewolf Solution jumps directly into the action, keeping the reader engaged as the story unfolds and the truth is slowly revealed, creating a climax that will leave readers breathless.  I especially enjoyed the excerpts that Patterson includes in his novella, including interviews, rules, regulations, and lore of the complex werewolf world.  These short chapters, interspersed within the story, allow readers to further immerse themselves into the background of the novella, creating understanding in ways that otherwise would not be available, while also giving readers time to analyze all they’ve read.  Any lover of the paranormal will highly enjoy this enticing read!  Four stars.

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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