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{July 26, 2011}   The Dream Crystal, by Mark O’Bannon

From Goodreads: All of the world’s dreams are about to die. The Shadow People have come. Always near, they linger in the darkness, ready to devour dreams, hopes, aspirations and desires. . .

Aisling, having lost her dream of becoming a fashion designer, learns that she’s a Faerie changeling. Disquieted by the fact that her faerie parents are kidnappers, she has decided to rescue the human child she was exchanged for, but her “sister” is no longer among the faeries, having been taken by the Shadow People. Ith, the Lord of Shadows, is trying to control the dreams of mankind, which are under the protection of the faeries, so they’re at war.

Aisling, who doesn’t believe in dreams any longer, is falling in love with a handsome, mysterious stranger – one of the Shadow People.


This is a very well written, descriptive novel.  O’Bannon is a very talented writer, and it’s the first novel I’ve read depicting faeries in their own realm, complete with wings.  Yet, while the story has a very interesting premise, I must admit that it just wasn’t for me.  The pacing in the novel was sporadic, with huge fight scenes materializing almost instantly, and then long slower scenes depicting fashion or dialogue that didn’t seem central to the plotline.  While I liked the story idea and the characters, I did struggle with the quick succession of events; it seems that the novel jumps around a lot, and I’m a reader that needs chapters to break apart different events in order to keep them all in order in my mind.  That being said, I do think those interested in fairies will enjoy this novel—there is love, betrayal, war, etc.; it just personally wasn’t my forte.  One and a half stars.

I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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