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{July 18, 2011}   ARC Review: Treasures at the Museum, by Deborra Richardson

From Goodreads: Aunt Imani comes to take Robbie and his sister, Brittany, to visit a museum and its Archives Center. Robbie doesn’t want to go. He thinks it will be boring. Then Aunt Imani shows him how he already created his own archives by hiding his treasures in his tree house. Now both Robbie and Brittany are excited! They even get to bring along some family photos and other treasures. They learn more about their family history and American history as they travel downtown. At the museum, Robbie and Brittany discover a lot of fun exhibits on their own. But, they feel really special when they take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Archives Center with Maxi, Aunt Imani’s friend. Maxi helps them preserve their treasures just like she does it at the museum. Robbie and Brittany learn that they are making history every day.


The Elevator Group has been extremely gracious as to allow me to read an ARC of this easy reader chapter book, via Netgalley, prior to its release come September 2011.  This chapter book is for children in grades K-4 and presents young learners with vital information in regards to creating and preserving history.  This easy reader not only show students the exciting exhibits they can view in museums, but also how they too can create and preserve their own history.  The story portion of the easy reader, along with the pictures, make this a sure hit with K-4 learners as its interesting and something with which these young learners will easily identify.

I really liked the suggested activities in the back of the book as they cause the young learners to think and participate in creating their own box to preserve their history.  There are a lot of great questions that will force the reader to actively think and respond, and I believe a lot of young learners will enjoy the activities, which can be done both in and out of a classroom.  If you have young children at home, I recommend picking up a few copies of this easy reader and working through it with them.  They will not only have fun, but also learn valuable lessons about history and museums (and probably beg to go visit a museum nearby).


Richardson reads her easy reader chapter book to third graders (above)


Students use the activites in the chapter book to create their own achivist tool kits (above).


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