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{June 22, 2011}   Zombies Don’t Cry, by Rusty Fischer

From Goodreads: In the sleepy small town of Barracuda Bay, Maddy Swift leads the life of a fairly typical teenager, but while attending a party one night, Maddy is struck by lightning and awakens to realize she has been reanimated and turned into a zombie. While becoming acquainted with her new “lifestyle,” Maddy stumbles upon two unexpected undead chaperones, fellow students Dane and Chloe, who begin to teach her the ways of zombie life, including defending the populace from Zerkers—the bad zombies. Together, on prom night, the three teens must ultimately defend Barracuda Bay High from an all-out zombie Armageddon.


Wow!  I. Love. This. Book.  You need to drop everything and read it right now!  Fischer is a very talented writer and I loved his zombie explanations!  He’s taken this genre and really made it come alive (no pun intended).  Most zombie books are about killing off zombies, but Fischer has created a novel in which the reader obtains an up front view of what it is like to be a zombie, and this was a very refreshing look at such a popular genre! 

I feel like in movies, and books, we never really get the token “bad guy’s” side of the story; he’s/she’s just an evil character, and traditionally, that’s what zombies have always been: evil.  However, Fischer has created a novel in which not all zombies are bad—there are two types: Zombies (good) and Zerkers (bad).  I loved it!   The fact that zombies have conscious thought is really original, and I enjoyed Maddy’s point of view and her sense of humor throughout the novel.  Although she has to deal with many changes, such as becoming a zombie, finding makeup and a new look to go with her sunken in eyes and sickly looking skin, covering a hole in her head, and avoiding the Zerkers that want to eat her brains, she remains as positive as possible and even jokes about her situation.  I loved Maddy’s outlook on her “new” life, which caused much snorting on my part as I read.  Fischer has a wonderful sense of humor that aides his enticing plotline, and this book was, overall, just a fabulous read!   

I liked all the characters, but especially Maddy and Stamp.  Fischer has created lifelike characters and dialogue, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I also liked the many twists and turns in the novel; I was really surprised by many of the events happening within the novel, and it’s obvious that Fischer spent a lot of time developing his plotline and characters.  Fischer is a wonderful writer and I’m hoping that there is a sequel to Zombies Don’t Cry in the works!  I highly suggest reading both his novel and short stories; you won’t be disappointed! Four stars!


Amy says:

Great review! I love all things zombie related, so I am definitely checking this out! :)

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