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{June 11, 2011}   {Review} Black Hill Farm: Andy’s Diary, by Tim O’Rourke (Book 2)

From Goodreads: In his confession, Ben McCloud told Detective Chief Inspector John Walker about the four murders that took place at Black Hill Farm. But what about the others? There are two sides to every story and this is Andy’s.

‘Andy’s Diary’ the second book in the paranormal romance series: ‘Black Hill Farm’. For young adults aged 16 years and over.


This sequel to Black Hill Farm is just as amazing as Black Hill Farm itself!  I was reeling at the end of the first book, and here I am reeling again at the conclusion of the second and final novel in this series.  WOW.  O’Rourke is a superb writer and I loved having Andy’s viewpoint as it put a lot of information from Black Hill Farm into perspective.   The first half of the novel explains Andy’s life, thoughts, and feelings prior to Ben moving to her home, revealing events that help explain Andy’s touch and go mentality and erratic behavior in the first novel.  The second half of the novel rehashes events from the first, but this time it’s all from Andy’s viewpoint, shedding light on important scenes and giving the reader a front row seat to the craziness surrounding Andy.  I loved it! 

Like Black Hill Farm, this novel is a psychological thriller told through a transcript of a police interview, but this time, John Walker, the retired police detective who interviewed Ben, is being questioned in regards to Andy’s murder.  It’s a very interesting way to tell a story, and I love that O’Rourke always stops the police interview at the height of the suspense!  I was surprised through the many twists and turns in the novel and the ending shocked me!  It all comes together and explains details that I didn’t even know I needed in order to put the first novel into perspective!  I highly recommend reading this novel right after you finish Black Hill Farm, but make sure you read Black Hill Farm first, as you will need that information to understand events in Andy’s Diary!  Four and a half stars!

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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