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{June 6, 2011}   Interview with S.M. Reine–Author of Six Moon Summer

S.M. Reine has been so gracious to stop by the blog and answer a few questions for me in regards to her writing and her debut novel Six Moon Summer! So, without further ado:


Six Moon Summer, the first novel in the Seasons of the Moon series, is an awesome debut novel.  What led you to write this novel?  What were your inspirations for the novel, if any?

Thanks! Books are such massive, sprawling creatures that it’s hard to pinpoint which little seeds grew into the story. Six Moon Summer was one of those things I tried and failed to write for years until it finally clicked in my head. I guess all my embarrassing experiences at Girl Scout camp have to have contributed! But let’s not talk about that.

You have added a lot of personal touches to traditional werewolf folklore in your novel.  Where did your ideas stem from—was it hard to write?

No, this book was pretty easy to write. Now that you mention it, I recall that the concept of the incremental transformation was the main inspiration for the entire story. Although I’m a fantasy writer these days, I’m a horror girl at heart, and the idea of slowly turning into a monster sounded so much worse than simply becoming one. Seeing the horrible end coming and being helpless to stop it is way scarier.

What character do you identify with the most in Six Moon Summer?  Why?

Cassidy. I was the weird girl who drew on her arms in high school. I was much friendlier, though.

Are any of your characters or stories based on aspects of your own life?

Yes and no. I don’t consciously pull from my experiences, but when I go back and look at old manuscripts, they feel autobiographical. I bet my therapist would love to read my books. Ha!

What do you hope readers take away from your novel?

I hope the ending leaves them feeling a little bittersweet and that they’ve enjoyed the ride. Such a ridiculously small people enter the realms of classic literature that I don’t really aspire to that kind of greatness. I just want everyone to have an awesome couple of hours (or days) reading my book where they can forget about life.

Why did you choose YA literature as a starting point?  Did you always want to write for this age group, or did it just happen?

YA lit tends to be more brief than adult literature (or at least, it was until Harry Potter came around; it’s trending longer these days) and I love how writing short books forces you to boil a book down to its critical parts. No room for fluff. I wanted to write something short and pulpy like Christopher Pike or Tamora Pierce’s books.

What is the writing process like for you?  Do you have a special place that you like to write, or any special rituals that you go through before/during the writing process?

I used to have a process involving several glasses of wine and music, but now that I’m a mom, I don’t have the time! Writing has to be snuck in any time I can distract the baby for a half second. Even while I answer these questions, the baby is whining in his Jumperoo and wondering why the heck I’m paying more attention to the laptop than him. I wager I have about five seconds to finish this before he needs me!

Do you have a playlist in mind for your novel?  If so, what music would you recommend a reader listen to while reading?

Everything I write should be read while listening to Depeche Mode. Totally.

Do you have a favorite author or novel that you recommend your fans read?  What are you reading right now?

Right this second, I’m reading “Christine” by Stephen King, but I just finished “The Mumbo Jumbo Circus” by Jane George. It had that sense of wonder I adore in a great YA book and really colorful characters. I highly recommend it.

As Six Moon Summer is the first in a series, what can readers expect from the next novel and the remaining books in the series?

They can expect things to keep getting worse for Rylie. Ha!

Do you have any plans for a new series at this time?

Actually, yes. I’m developing a platform for an adult urban fantasy series I’m thinking of starting to release in spring 2012. I don’t want to talk about it too much yet, though! It’s still in the foetal stage.

Thank you Sara, for stopping by the blog!!!  I’ve enjoyed having you here today!!!

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