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{May 17, 2011}   Mercy, by Rebecca Lim

From Goodreads: A fallen angel haunted by her past.  Yearning for her immortal beloved.  Forever searching for answers.  Who will show her Mercy? 

Mercy has lost herself.  She can’t count how many times she’s “woken up” in a new body, and assumed a new life, only to move on again and again.  During the day she survives in the human world on instinct and at night her dreams are haunted by him.  Mercy’s heart would know him anywhere.  But her memory refuses to cooperate. 

But this time is different.  When Mercy wakes up she meets Ryan, an eighteen-year-old reeling from the loss of his twin sister who was kidnapped two years ago.  Everyone else has given up hope, but Ryan believes his sister is still alive.  Using a power she doesn’t fully comprehend, Mercy realizes that Ryan is right.  His sister is alive and together they can find her.  For the first time since she can remember, Mercy has a purpose; she can help.  So she doesn’t understand why the man in her dreams cautions her not to interfere.  But as Ryan and Mercy come closer to solving the dark mystery of his sister’s disappearance, danger looms just one step behind. 

Will Mercy be able to harness her true self and extraordinary power in time? 

Disney-Hyperion has been so gracious as to allow me to read an ARC of this novel, through NetGalley, prior to its release today, May 17, 2011.  I must say, I was blown away by the story.  Mercy pulled me in from the very first page, and I was completely wrapped up in the story as I read.  While Mercy doesn’t know who she really is, or what she’s truly supposed to do, she does know that she takes over people’s bodies and lives their lives for them for a short period of time.  For me, this mysterious aspect of her life was alluring and created a strong connection for me as I had the ability to learn about Mercy right alongside of her.  But, that’s not the only mystery in the novel, and when there are two mysteries going on simultaneously, well, I’m in heaven.  Searching for a potential murderer+, while also searching for herself, Mercy must make hard decisions and follow her heart, though it may not be telling her the full truth. 

Lim is an amazing writer, and while I will admit that I think some of the portions of the novel are a bit choppy and rushed, such as the ending, I do not see it detracting from the novel on the whole.  In fact, I think this aspect aids the element of surprise and mystery that Lim is creating throughout the novel.  If the novel slowed down, I think some of that mystery would be lost.  The point is to move quickly to keep the reader on their toes, and Lim does a superb job with this.

I think Lim’s characters and prose are phenomenal.  Mercy is a kick butt protagonist, trapped in a self-conscious young woman’s body and, on more than one occasion, I found myself cheering Mercy on as she interacted with the snobs and evil around her.  Lim kept the surprises and twists coming throughout the entire novel, and the last twenty pages or so really made my jaw drop.  There is a huge cliffhanger, and I hate when that happens, BUT, luckily for us, the next two novels in the series will release this year, with Exile coming out June 9, 2011, and Muse releasing in October, so the wait time between the novels is minimal.  Five stars!


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hmmm… fallen angels – new vampire?

Yes, I do believe so. :)

Love the review! I feel that I have just recently heard someone talk about this book but the only thing I can remember is they liked it too! I love that it seems to have a big sense of mystery! Plus, thank you for the review!

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Now why did I think this one had already been released some time ago…? Just shows how up to date I am…! ;P

Great review! I hadn’t read the blurb before, but now I feel as if I really have to read it! Mercy sounds like a rather interesting character. I wonder what it is that happens to her…

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So funny that I saw this today. Earlier today, I just came across an old notebook where I had written this book down to check out and I’d completely forgotten about it. Clearly this is a sign. :)

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