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{May 8, 2011}   ARC Review: Never Eighteen, by Megan Bostic

From Goodreads: I had the dream again. The one where I’m running. I don’t know what from or where to, but I’m scared, terrified really.

Austin Parker is never going to see his eighteenth birthday. At the rate he’s going, he probably won’t even see the end of the year. But in the short time he has left there’s one thing he can do: He can try to help the people he loves live—even though he never will.

It’s probably hopeless.

But he has to try.


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has been extremely gracious as to allow me to read an ARC of this novel, through Netgalley, prior to its release in January 2012, for which I am eternally grateful!  This is an amazing novel, and I do mean AMAZING!  I highly recommend it.  Bostic is a phenomenal writer, and her debut novel comes from the heart.  Bostic has created such authentic, vivid characters that, as the reader, you can’t help but feel for them; it’s like they’re your best friends too.  I love Austin and Kaylee, and though the story obviously doesn’t have a fairytale ending, it does offer comfort.  I cried.  This is not the norm; novels very rarely evoke that much emotion from me.  Emotions, yes, but to the point of tears?  Not often.  Yet, Bostic ability to create very real characters, struggling with a very real sickness, is written with such love and care that it’s impossible not to make a connection and be saddened, and heartened, as you read. 

Bostic has taken a difficult topic, one that many have experienced, and created a tale of love and inspiration, as those around Austin must learn to let go and move on, just as he must come to terms with the sickness ravaging his body.  Bostic has touched a part of my soul through her writing, and I am excited to read more!  She’s an up-and-coming author to watch; if you like Gayle Forman’s novels (If I Stay and Where She Went), then you’ll love Megan Bostic!  Five stars.


Brent says:

great review. can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this book.

Shana, thank you so much for first reading Never Eighteen, and then saying such wonderful things about it. I am so happy you enjoyed Austin’s journey and connected with the characters. Aside from the love of writing itself, it is moments like this that keep me going and when I’m having one of my “I suck” moments, I think I’ll come back and read your review. :)

Best to you,


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