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{April 21, 2011}   Responsible, by Darlene Ryan

From Orca SoundingsErin sucked in a sharp breath. “And I know you, Nick, because I can smell the stink of trash anywhere.”
Shut up, Erin, I thought. Just shut up. Let them shave your head and get it over with. Nick bent over and grabbed Erin by the jaw, pulling her up so she was sitting. She was shaking. There was a smirk on his face, and I could hear how hard he was breathing. He pushed his mask up onto the top of his head.

Kevin has to do the right thing.

Kevin Frasier is in a new high school—his fourth in the last year. He is trying to get along and not cause any waves. When he falls in with Nick and his friends, Frasier ends up going along as the group bullies and threatens their way through the school. When Nick starts tormenting Erin—and she stands up to him—the harassment escalates until Kevin is forced to make a difficult decision and risk everything.


Orca Book Publishers is an organization that produces fiction for reluctant readers, especially readers on the lower spectrum, with a reading level between second grade and fourth grade.  Responsible comes from the Orca Soundings series, which is for those ages 12+, and is written in a way that the reader, especially a reluctant reader, can easily understand.  

I liked this novel.  It’s a really fast-paced read that any reluctant reader will love.  There is no down time, and the story sucks you in from the very first page.  It has a lot of suspense packed into a very span of writing, and I was on the edge of my seat as I read.  Ryan is a great writer, and I really enjoyed the themes presented in the novel.  I don’t think anyone can hear them enough, young and old alike: do the right thing, even when it’s not easy (especially when it’s not easy).  Four stars.

Check out my Orca Book Publishers page for more information, titles, and reviews for reluctant readers!


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