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{April 15, 2011}   A Pittsburgh Affair, by T.L. Peters

From Goodreads: Spencer Wedgeworth, a rising young star in an elite law firm, fears that he is being drawn into an international crime ring headed by his superiors at the firm, including some rather flashy and violent women. Aided by a quirky paralegal planted to spy on him and with whom he falls madly in love, Spencer uncovers the real truth about the contraband that he has been spiriting around the globe, a truth far more terrible than anything he could have imagined. But when his friend and long time mentor betrays him, Spencer flees to Bolivia where he has it out with the mob bosses in a wild brawl instigated by his girlfriend. Will Spencer survive to see justice done, or will he become just another in a long line of unfortunate victims in a violent, no-holds barred game of espionage and murder?


I struggled somewhat, in the very beginning, getting used to the style of this novel.  I went in thinking it was a dramatic legal thriller based on the synopsis, but soon realized that it is actually a rather eccentric comedic novel.  Once I realized that, it was smooth sailing as I read.  A Pittsburgh Affair is very fast paced, and I soon found myself whisked away on Spencer’s adventure of deception and intrigue.  Within the first few pages of the novel, Spencer is already in trouble as a thug attempts to mug him in a donut shop.  From there the story rapidly unfolds as the action takes place.  I would have liked to see a little more character development and explanation of the storyline, yet the story does not suffer without it. 

While the dialogue is on occasion awkward and quirky, realistic dialogue is one of the hardest aspects to capture in writing, and it actually adds a comical spin to the novel, which was very enjoyable.  Suspense is prevalent, especially as the novel develops, yet Peters juxtaposes it nicely with comic relief as the characters find themselves in harrowing situations and making unorthodox decisions.  Overall Peters did a nice job generating reader interest.

My only real complaint about the novel is the vast number of errors.  I read a first edition of the novel, and like many first editions, errors are present within the text, which can be quite daunting to a reader.  However, as subsequent editions become available, this issue will quickly resolve itself through revisions.

Not sure this novel is right for you?  Check out Peters online; he’s published a great many novels, all centering around very different topics.  Three stars.

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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Note from author (T.L. Peters): A new edition of A PITTSBURGH AFFAIR is now available on Barnes & Noble and Amazon at the following links:


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