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{March 28, 2011}   Rogue’s Curse, by Jason Beymer

Synopsis from Goodreads: “Two thousand years after the Rapture, the world still sucks.  The talisman responsible for the Rapture has embedded itself in Doban’s chest, making him the most wanted rogue in history.  Pursued by a biblical prophet intent on ripping the talisman out, Doban must seek help from the only woman who ever loved him—a woman he once left to die in a tomb.  Can they let go of the past long enough to stop a second Rapture?”

This is a fantastic read.  I will admit that I began the book with trepidation, since it “contains graphic violence, off-kilter copulation, and nasty rogues.”  Therefore, I did a test.  Before I began reading, I read a short excerpt, to which my reaction was “Ewwwwwww!” along with much laughter.  Well, anything that can gross me out and keep me laughing at the same time is well worth a read, and I was right!  I found that the “graphic violence, off kilter copulation, and nasty rogues” were ingenious aspects providing much hilarity to the reader. 

Beymer’s novel is like nothing I have ever read before.  I really liked the setting, which combines the past with the future: castles still stand and kings still reign, but the rapture has already come and gone.  The unconventional characters were another aspect I highly enjoyed, as they are both witty and fascinating.  I enjoyed them all, which is a rarity for me.  The off kilter banter and escapades taking place between the characters really sold me on this novel.  For a short novel, the characters have a lot of depth and it is easy to connect with, and love, them.  The fact that I even love the huge man eating monsters is a testament to Beymer’s wonderful writing capabilities.   

There is no lack of suspense in the novel either.  Each scene moves from one section to the next in a fast paced, thrilling manner, and I was always surprised by the twists and turns of the novel.  I found myself glued to the pages, staying up late into the evening to read.  Beymer has created a real gem of a novel for the adult population, and I truly enjoyed this story; I cannot wait for the rest of the novels in the series to hit bookshelves!  I love that it is fresh and completely different.  Since I have a very off kilter sense of humor to begin with, this book was a great fit for me, and I highly recommend it if you are anything like me.  Four stars!

I was given a copy of Rogue’s Curse from the author in exchange for an honest review. 


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