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{February 23, 2011}   Real Mermaids Don’t Wear Toe Rings, by Helene Bourdeau

Synopsis from the dust jacket: “If she hadn’t been so clueless, she might have seen it coming. But really, who expects to get into a relaxing bathtub after a stressful day of shopping for tankinis and come out with scales and a tail? Most. Embarrassing. Moment. Ever. Jade soon discovers she inherited her mermaid tendencies from her mom. But if Mom was a mermaid, how did she drown? Jade is determined to find out. So how does a plus-size, aqua-phobic mer-girl go about doing that exactly? And how will Jade ever be able to explain her secret to her best friend, Cori, and to her crush, Luke?  This summer is about to get a lot more interesting…”


Boudreau has a riveting sense of humor and biting sarcastic wit.  She captures the young teen voice extremely well.  Anyone looking for a quick, easy read should pick this up, though be forewarned, it is kind of gross.  I don’t necessarily want the gritty details of a young teens first period, no matter how funny it may be portrayed.  That being said, this is not a book I’d recommend for a male!  However, that aside, I think the novel was cute and very well written.  Though this is classified as YA literature, I feel like the reading level is lower than most YA novels, so this might be good for female reluctant readers (if they’re interested in fantasy).  It flows very well, and as the reader, you can really connect with the way Jade feels and deals with situations that transpire.  She is a normal teen dealing with abnormal circumstances.  While reading this novel, I felt like it was very similar to The Mermaid’s Mirror, a novel that released two months prior to Real Mermaids Don’t Wear Toe Rings.  Both storylines deal with mermaids, drowned mothers, and the pursuit of the mother’s legacy, but each story was still unique unto itself (but I liked Real Mermaids better).  I really enjoyed the fast paced ending and twists in this novel.  Three stars.


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