Books: The Cheapest Vacation You Can Buy

I am NOT accepting NEW requests at this time.  Sorry.

Please READ as my preferences have changed over the years:

Genres I AM interested in:

  • YA and NA Novels–mysteries, contemporary, paranormal, thriller, literature and fiction… I’m not interested in explicit sex or anything sexually graphic, though, and I prefer to stay away from fantasy/sci-fi.

Please note that even though a book you propose falls under my “interests” list, your specific book may not appeal to me.

Please do not hold it against me if I decline your request–especially because I AM TAKING VERY FEW REQUESTS AT THIS TIME.


Genres I AM NOT interested in reading:

  • Erotica–I’m NOT interested in reading it.  Please don’t ask.

  • Adult
  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi

  • Religious Material

  • Extreme Horror

  • Biographies, Memoirs, Autobiographies

  • Poetry

  • Textbooks

  • Tourist Guides

  • Guide books in general

  • Compilations of short stories

  • “How to” books

  • “Self-help” books

Submission Types:

  • Ebooks (Kindle versions–mobi or prc files are what I read).  I will not accept any other format.

Guidelines for submission:

If you would like me to possibly review your novel, in your email request include ALL of the following and ONLY the following:

  1. Salutation (common courtesy)

  2. Your name

  3. How you came across my blog

  4. Book Title/Author (if not you)

  5. Genre (remember I’m all about YA and some NA–adult books are a no go)

  6. Number of pages of book

  7. Synopsis

  8. Amazon link so I can view the sample

DO NOT send me the book unless I respond to your email with the go ahead.

Review Timeline:

  • It depends on aspects such as release date, schedule availability, my current TBR list, length of book, publishing house, and my personal free time to read and write reviews.

  • I will begin reading the novel as soon as possible, though this might be months from now depending on the above items (I have about 100 books in my TBR pile before yours).

  • I tend to read books quickly, but my TBR pile is huge (100+ novels).  Ideally, I’d like to have review request novels read within a few months of acceptance and receipt, though this probably won’t be the case as I have a long list of novels to read, and it’s getting longer.

  • Please do not request multiple books at one time.  If you are looking for a short wait time, I suggest looking at other book reviewers instead of me.

  • I will post my review as soon as possible once completing the novel.  I will email you the run date and time of the launch, along with a copy of the review.  I will also post to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads.

  • This policy is subject to change based on the amount of novels I am reviewing at the time.

  • If I accept your review, please DO NOT NAG ME about a read date or review timeline.  I don’t know.  I am doing the best I can, reading as fast as I can, writing reviews whenever I have a chance, and working full time, so PLEASE, LET ME DO THINGS ON MY TIME.  If you nag me, I will drop your book for review.

***Update: Currently I have up to three and a half months of reviews already scheduled to run, so even though I may read the novel quickly, the actual review will not be running right away I will email you the review with the run date, and will post the review to Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble right away, regardless of run date on the blog.***

Please note: Your ARCs/eBooks/Print Copies are safe with me – they are my prized possessions and I do not believe in selling them, or letting people borrow them.

And, in line with the FTC Guidelines, I just want to put it out there that I am NOT PAID to review books. I purchase most of my own reading material, unless an author or publisher sends me a free copy of their book in exchange for an honest review. Books that I receive without purchase are disclosed at the bottom of the review. Books I have bought myself have, in the past, had no disclosure, but will in the future.

To contact me: abookvacation(at)–PLEASE NOTE: I am taking VERY FEW new requests at this time.  As in, hardly any–please don’t request unless you are willing to follow my guidelines exactly.


Kevin says:

Do you review books of poetry?

No, I do not unless it directly relates to what I teach.

I see you are backed up so I won’t email you a request, but I wanted to let you know I have made it my mission to write ‘clean’ books. Ironic, because I used to write for Harlequin, and they are filled with sex. But now I write YA books. I’ve been smashed a few times in reviews from people who were wanting explicit sex scenes and thought it was stupid the teens in my book only kissed. So good for you. I wish there were more readers out there like you.

L.B. Schulman says:

Hi there,

You reviewed my book, LEAGUE OF STRAYS, (thank you!) and I need to ask you a question. Would you please write me at writeschulmanatgmaildotcom? Thanks! I can’t find an email for you on your site.

I love the title Book Vacations. It reminds me of a poster I made in the ’70’s for my teaching degree. It had several scene depicted such as a rocket heading to the moon and Tom Sawyer on a raft. Each scene had a pull back tab with the book title beneath. The title of the poster was “Take a Trip on Reading” a play on words of course – it was the ’70’s!

Thank you for bringing back so many pleasant memories!

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