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{April 19, 2016}   {UTOPiA 2016} Keynote Questions, Awards Info, and Our Newest Sponsors

In exactly 64 days, UTOPiA 2016 will begin in Nashville, and I’m so very excited!!  For the official bloggers feature this month, we’ve got a forum for you to ask Keynote Speaker Alessandra Torre questions, awards info, and two new sponsors!  Check it out below:

Utopia 2016 Fight For Your Right


Have questions for Alessandra Torre?  Use the google doc below to ask!  This is so cool, and I can’t wait to hear what all Alessandra has to say!

Be sure to check her out on Amazon and her website, and ask your questions here:


Alessandra Torre


Sometime this month, the academy will be notified via e-mail. Voting will start at the end of April/beginning of May—more info to come!  Eligible books are those published between April 1, 2015 and April 1, 2016 that fall into the categories set forth by Utopia; good luck!

Also, be sure to use Sched to set up your daily itinerary while at the con!  It is seriously so helpful: — more about this next month!

And a VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Wise Ink and Vellum for their sponsorship of the con!



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