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{October 9, 2012}   {Review} Tales from Under the Bridge by P.D. Blake

From Goodreads: Tales From Under the Bridge, all you ever wanted to know about trolls, and a few things you probably didn’t. Life and death, myth and legend, magic and mayhem, all rolled up into six fabulous stories that lift the lid off the dark world of these wonderful, horrible creatures. With a supporting cast of drunken gnomes and angry fairies, Tales From Under the Bridge drags trolls out of the darkness, kicking, fighting, biting, drinking, belching, and farting, into the light of day. Just don’t expect them to be happy about it.

Join these marvelous monsters as they practice their own, well, different, flavor of magic in a school for troll wizards. Observe them prepare for parenthood, question their morals and fight for their bridges. Experience their seasonal festivals and intrude upon their mating habits. Prepare to witness secrets never before revealed.


This book is hilarious. It’s really gross too, but so hilarious that I enjoyed it.  Generally I won’t read compilations of short stories, but I was so interested in the life of trolls that I couldn’t pass this up, and I’m so glad I didn’t.  They are a disgusting creature, trolls, but getting to know them, aside from their looks, was a lot of fun.  Observing their “mating” rituals was really amusing (no worries, this book is pretty much clean aside from farting, belching, and drinking) and so far off the beaten path that it just works.  I mean, I guess if you think hard enough about all the folklore out there concerning trolls, you’d probably assume that everything they love is backwards from what we love, but I still wasn’t expecting it.  The more disgusting the troll, the more enticing they are to their own populace, and watching them all interact with one another was quite entertaining.

I loved the little billy goat versus the trolls, and the school for troll wizards reminded me of Harry Potter, only for the most despicable types of pupils, using various gasses to promote their magic.  Honestly, I don’t know where Blake came up with all these ideas and stories, but I really did enjoy them, and I’d say most YA+ males would really enjoy these short stories as well.  If you like prim and proper romance, then this definitely isn’t for you, but if you’ve ever wondered what the troll thought of the goats, or what gnomes and fairies really do during the day, then this is a novel for you.  Four stars.

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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